In the Hands of an Angry God
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 2, 2012
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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The Empty Locket

In the Hands of an Angry God is the third episode in the first season of BBC America's Copper.


Corky is at a fancy dinner in the Haverford mansion where Robert reveals him the plan to have Jake McGinnis run for alderman. Outside the orphanage two Irish immigrants start a ruckus, but get chased away by Matthew. Not long after one of them is found hanging at the stables he owned. Its determined the man was dead before being strung from the banisters. His friend names Rev. Garland as a suspect. He doesn't confirm or deny. Corky takes the body to Matthew and he determines the stabler died of a needle pushed from the base of the skull into his brain before hanging. The crowd wants the Rev to hang, but Corky wants more proof. He finds out that the stabler's friend is involved with the stabler's daughter. Then he's called to the stabler's house where the body lies on the floor in his long johns. Someone has come and ripped off the suit and taken it with him. After a tip from Matthew he ends up at a seamstress' house, where he finds her brother Jasper and finds out the stabler hadn't paid for the suit. His sister killed him, but she is long gone. To keep the peace the police captain makes up a story to satisfy the daughter and Francis buys the stables, having secretly been recruited by Robert to do so as his proxy, so the stabler's daughter can go and live with her lover in Greenwich Village. Matthew takes Jasper to go and live with him and his wife Sara.
Molly is at a pawnshop where she finds the locket Corky is looking for. She shows it to Eva who takes it from her. Eva goes back to the pawnshop and the owner tells her he got the locket from Madame Grendel, a renown abortionist. When she goes to see this woman she finds her murdered.


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