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"Moving on, not exactly my specialty."
–Kevin Corcoran


Irish-American detective Kevin Corcoran struggles to walk a straight line in New York City’s notoriously crooked Five Points neighborhood. Desperate to learn the truth about his wife’s disappearance and their daughter’s murder, he dedicates himself to seeking justice for the powerless and overlooked. Corcoran shares a secret from the battlefield with Robert Morehouse and Doctor Matthew Freeman that inextricably links their lives together. As he did in the Union Army, Corcoran proves intelligent, valiant and tenacious – stopping at nothing to bring those responsible to justice.[1]

Born in Dublin, Kevin moved to America when he was young. He met Maguire when they were around 9 years old. Kevin became a boxer at 17 and was trained by Maguire after Francis was injured. He fought in the Civil War for 4 years. Kevin states, in the first season, that it was during the battle of Chancellorsville that he gains respect for Freeman. During season 2 Freeman tells Ellen that when kevin found out about her and their daughter Maggie Kevin tried to leave the army. He was caught, chained, and sentenced to death. With the help of Morehouse he was pardoned, but forced to stay and fight. Kevin was eventually mustered out with Morehouse. When he returned home he looked for his wife and the killer of his daughter. In order to accomplish this goal Morehouse and Morehouse's father helped him get a job as a dectiective by saying it was Kevin that saved Robert Morehouse by cutting off his leg. Kevin gains recognition as a dectiective by solving cases using the help of Freeman. (This information was gained through interviews and the TV show.)


Ellen Corcoran - Wife

Eva Heissen - Lover

Kentigerna McGrath - Lover


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  • "Moving on, not exactly my specialty."



Fought in these Civil War battles: 

  • Battle of Chancellorsville
  • Battle of Gettysburg
  • Battle of the Wilderness 
  • 1863 New York Draft Riots