La Tempête
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date September 16, 2012
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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Arsenic and Old Cake

La Tempête is the fifth episode in the first season of BBC America's Copper.


Corky is refereeing a boxing match at stables, when he runs into a kingpin of the notorious Five Points Roderick gang, recently released from prison and coming for revenge. Elizabeth is at the Morehouses persuading them into hosting a charity event. Francis, Andrew and Andrew's brother-in-law are playing poker and Andrew's brother-in-law cleans Andrew out. As Andrew is out to steal his money back, he and Francis uncover a plot to steal the charity money by the Roderick gang. Corky reveals this plot to Elizabeth and she in turn recruits the sixth precinct as guards for the charity event and its yield. They strike a deal with the O'Connell gang for safe passage. Nothing of any significance happens during the event. As the coppers bring the box with the yield to the bank they get ambushed by the Roderick gang and on their retreat they run into the O'Connell's who relieve them of the box. When the two gang eventually open the box it's empty which results in a deadly stabbing. Corky finds Robert and together they walk to the bank with the $50000+ in Robert's wooden leg.
Meanwhile Mary Lockwood becomes friendly with Francis. And Marcus is training Jasper for the exhibition match. In a drunk haze Marcus makes a pass at Sara and eventually gets clobbered by Jasper who comes to Sara's defense. When Matthew comes home he kicks Marcus out of his house.


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