Season 2
Season 2
No. of episodes 13
Original run June 23, 2013-September 22, 2013
DVD release To be announced
Season chronology
Season 1

Copper was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes on October 17, 2012. Season 2 premiered on June 23, 2013 and ended on September 22, 2013.


Season 2 returns on the brink of Lincoln’s assassination – with shifts in politics and society altering the landscape for Irish immigrants and African-Americans. Detective Kevin Corcoran is struggling to tame the wartime metropolis while wrestling with personal demons, including the betrayal of his wife and best friend. When Tammany Hall’s outspoken General Brendan Donovan returns from the Civil War to restore law and order in the Sixth Ward, loyalties will be bought and sold both uptown and in the slums of the Five Points as Corcoran, and those around him, fight to find their places in an unforgiving city.



  1. Tom Weston-Jones as Detective Kevin Corcoran
  2. Kyle Schmid as Robert Morehouse
  3. Anastasia Griffith as Elizabeth Haverford
  4. Ato Essandoh as Matthew Freeman
  5. Tessa Thompson as Sara Freeman
  6. Kevin Ryan as Francis Maguire
  7. Dylan Taylor as Andrew O'Brien
  8. Franka Potente as Eva Heissen
  9. Alex Paxton-Beesley as Ellen Corcoran 
  10. Kiara Glasco as Annie Reilly
  11. Ron White as Captain Ciaran Joseph Sullivan
  12. and Donal Logue as Brendan Donovan

Guest stars

  1. Billy Baldwin as William "Wild Bill" Eustace
  2. Alfre Woodard as Hattie Lemaster
  3. Eamonn Walker as Fredrick Douglas
  4. Lee Tergesen as Philomen Keating
  5. Andrew Howard as Mr. O'Rourke
  6. Lindy Booth as Theresa Trembley
  7. Jim Watson as Conor Glynn 
  8. Wil Bowes as Phinbar Brynes 
  9. Supinder Wraish as Lola
  10. Kendra Anderson as Kentigerna McGrath


Season 2 Trailer
COPPER NEW Extended Trailer BBC AMERICA Sun Aug 19

COPPER NEW Extended Trailer BBC AMERICA Sun Aug 19


Season # Series # Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate
2 1 Home, Sweet Home TBA TBA June 23, 2013
2 2 Aileen Aroon Kyle Bradstreet TBA TBA
2 3 The Children of the Battlefield Kevin Deiboldt TBA TBA
2 4 I Defy Thee to Forget TBA TBA TBA
2 5 A Morning Song TBA TBA TBA
2 6 To One Shortly to Die Kate Erickson TBA TBA
2 7 The Hope Too Bright to Last TBA TBA TBA
2 8 Ashes Denote the Fire That Was TBA TBA TBA
2 9 Think Gently of the Erring TBA TBA TBA
2 10 The Fine Ould Irish Gentleman Kyle Bradstreet TBA TBA
2 11 Good Heart and Willing Hand Kevin Deiboldt TBA TBA
2 12 Beautiful Dreamer TBA TBA TBA
2 13 The Place I Called My Home TBA TBA TBA


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