The Children of the Battlefield
Season 2, Episode 2 #13
Air date July 7, 2013
Written by Kevin Deiboldt
Directed by Ken Girotti
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The Children of the Battlefield is the second episode of the second season of BBC America's Copper. Written by Kevin Deiboldt and directed by Ken Girotti, it originally aired on July 7, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Andrew and Corky capture the kidnapping and murder suspect of 7 boys who were press-ganged by Union Army recruiters.

In his pursuit of tracking down the killer in order to save the boys, Corky inadvertently stands up Robert Morehouse, as his best man, at his wedding.

Dr. Freeman returns to the Five Points and Sara confronts her demons of the past by knocking down the lamp post where her brothers were hung during the Draft Riots.

Francis Maguire earns his acceptance into the criminal organization known as the Druids by killing a young policeman. Elizabeth serves as a courier of messages to the imprisoned Confederate spy leader, Kennedy. On her wedding night, however, Elizabeth confesses her crime to Robert.

Later, Corky and Robert end up at Eva's and they bunk together.

The police in Five Points are on a massive manhunt for the young policeman's killer with no clue yet that Maguire is the culprit.